Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Chat With Strangers?
    To begin you can either click Chat Now or Member Sign In (and create an account ) on the home page .
  • Is Hooeychat Free?
    Yes! There is no monthly subscription fee to create an account.
  • Why Would I Create An Account
    You can take advantage of Hooeychat's free memership features such as: 1) Advanced Friend Search, 2) Friending Feature, or 3) Friend to Friend Chat. The account is necessary so you can come back and talk to your friends again.
  • Should I Worry About my Privacy When Using Hooeychat?
    Hooeychat is an anonymous chat. Keep your personal information to yourself and only share it with someone you feel is trustworthy (see our privacy policy ).
  • Should I Worry About my Privacy When Using Hooeychat's Friend Feature?
    You can change your privacy settings in the My Profile tab after signing in and customize how people are able to view your information so it's only viewable to: Me, Friends, or Everyone.
  • What Should I Know Before Chatting?
    Please take time to read our chat rules. Make sure you understand them and agree to follow them any time you are chatting with a stranger (see our terms of use ). Please help us keep the chat respectable and report people who violate these rules.